R.O.V. Services

R.O.V. Services

EQS is proud to present its newest equipment viewing the support of all subsea activities such as surveying, sample collection, integrity or CP assessment.

The Seaeye Falcon ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)

The Seaeye Falcon ROV is suitable for all Inspection and light drill support projects. It can dive up to 300m.

Some features:

  • Vehicle unit with five SI-MCT01 brushless DC thrusters (4 vectored horizontals and 1 vertical);
  • SEAEYE color video camera, tilt platform and tilt feedback system;
  • Automatic heading & depth system;
  • Navigational solid state compass and integral solid state rate sensor;
  • Two dimmable LED lamps;
  • 14kg payload;
  • Surface Control Unit c/w a 22” color High Brightness Removable Monitor;
  • Surface power supply unit;
  • Hand Control Unit;
  • iCoN Configurable Video Overlay system;
  • NMEA Output (data Export) now standard unlock software code;
  • Internal Recorder (20hrs standard video);
  • Imagenex 881A Multi Frequency Imaging Sonar;
  • Single function 3-jaw manipulator, incl. soft rope cutter;
  • Applied Acoustic USBL Beacon.

Due to its versatility, this ROV can also be equipped with an array of optional features such as:

  • CP Probe
  • Cygnus ROV UT Gauge
  • Niskin´s Bottles