R.O.V. Services

R.O.V. Services

At EQS, we are proud to offer professional underwater inspection services using the latest technology in remote operated vehicles (ROVs). Our ROV of choice is the Saab Falcon, a versatile and highly capable tool for performing visual inspection in a wide range of underwater environments.

Why Use a ROV for Underwater Inspection?

Using a ROV for underwater inspection offers several advantages over traditional methods such as divers. For one, it’s much safer for our technicians, who can operate the ROV from the surface while remaining in a secure and controlled environment. This also allows us to perform inspections in challenging or hazardous conditions that would be unsafe for divers.

In addition, using a ROV can be more cost-effective than deploying divers, especially for complex or long-term inspection projects. The Saab Falcon ROV is also highly maneuverable and equipped with high-definition cameras, allowing us to capture detailed and accurate footage of the underwater environment.

Features and Capabilities of the Saab Falcon ROV

The Saab Falcon ROV is a powerful and reliable tool for underwater inspection. It features state-of-the-art cameras and lighting systems, providing clear and detailed visuals of the underwater environment. The ROV is also highly maneuverable, with the ability to move in any direction and access tight or confined spaces.

Our technicians are trained to operate the Saab Falcon ROV with precision and efficiency, allowing us to perform a wide range of inspection tasks. Some examples of the types of inspections we can perform with the ROV include:

  • Checking for damage or corrosion on offshore oil rigs and platforms.
  • Inspecting underwater pipelines and structures for leaks or defects.
  • Surveying marine life and habitats for research or conservation purposes.
  • Performing inspections for insurance or compliance purposes.


Expertise and Reliability from EQS

At EQS, we have years of experience in providing reliable and efficient underwater inspection services. Our team of trained technicians is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to operate the Saab Falcon ROV and perform high-quality inspections.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and delivering accurate and detailed reports based on our inspection findings

The Seaeye Falcon ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)

The Seaeye Falcon ROV is suitable for all Inspection and light drill support projects. It can dive up to 300m.

Some features:

  • Vehicle unit with five SI-MCT01 brushless DC thrusters (4 vectored horizontals and 1 vertical);
  • SEAEYE color video camera, tilt platform and tilt feedback system;
  • Automatic heading & depth system;
  • Navigational solid state compass and integral solid state rate sensor;
  • Two dimmable LED lamps;
  • 14kg payload;
  • Surface Control Unit c/w a 22” color High Brightness Removable Monitor;
  • Surface power supply unit;
  • Hand Control Unit;
  • iCoN Configurable Video Overlay system;
  • NMEA Output (data Export) now standard unlock software code;
  • Internal Recorder (20hrs standard video);
  • Imagenex 881A Multi Frequency Imaging Sonar;
  • Single function 3-jaw manipulator, incl. soft rope cutter;
  • Applied Acoustic USBL Beacon.
  • Class II R.O.V.

Due to its versatility, this ROV can also be equipped with an array of optional features such as:

  • CP Probe
  • Cygnus ROV UT Gauge
  • Niskin´s Bottles