EQS completed training exercises aboard navy hydrographic vessel

The training with a Saab Falcon was done aboard the Portuguese navy hydrographic vessel NRP Andrómeda, alongside the Portuguese cost off Sesimbra. EQS, together with the Hydrographic Institute, ended in March, in the south of Sesimbra, training actions to allow the operation with ROV systems from Saab. The main objective of this action was to […]

First Decommissioning Underway In Africa

Angola sees Africa’s first offshore oil platform decommissioning underway as EQS successfully deploys their Saab Seaeye Falcon for determining safer upcoming decommissioning operations.  EQS assess the integrity of offshore structures using their Falcon for visual inspection and image gathering. The range of offshore structures inspected to assess integrity includes platform (jacket), wellhead, protection dome, pipelines […]