EQS completed training exercises aboard navy hydrographic vessel

The training with a Saab Falcon was done aboard the Portuguese navy hydrographic vessel NRP Andrómeda, alongside the Portuguese cost off Sesimbra.

EQS, together with the Hydrographic Institute, ended in March, in the south of Sesimbra, training actions to allow the operation with ROV systems from Saab.

The main objective of this action was to verify the operability and functionalities of the systems, in their various configurations and spectrum of commitment.

Elements of the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute and EQS carried out, for three days, several exercises on board the Portuguese navy vessel, which included basic navigation, object collection, integration of sonar systems as well as positioning exercises with USBL.

An ROV is a remotely controlled underwater vehicle that allows remote observation of the sea floor and underwater structures, making it possible to increase a ship’s scientific research capabilities.

NRP Andromeda is commanded by First Lieutenant Ribeiro de Carvalho and has a garrison of 14 elements.

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